Biometric Attendence

Many sensitive or important places need to be supervised in order to control access, entry or usage of particular resources or places. Many different access control systems have been devised over time. These devices are installed to ensure precise security of resources or places. The scanners or sensors are used in these devices. A wide range of these devices is devised for home applications to commercial security systems. Triangular Automation has established a great reputation in installation, maintenance of cutting edge security systems.

Today,different types of access control systems are available for different applications-

  • Access control systems for entrance into the premises through access card or physical identification.
  • Access control security alarm systems including audio/ video entry systems, PIN/keypad.

Door Locking System

Traditional lock systems using mechanical lock and key mechanism are being replaced by new advanced techniques of locking system. These techniques are an integration of mechanical and electronic devices and highly intelligent. One of the prominent features of these innovative lock systems is their simplicity and high efficiency.

This system demonstrates a password based door lock system wherein once the correct code or password is entered, the door is opened and the concerned person is allowed access to the secured area. Again if another person arrives it will ask to enter the password. If the password is wrong then door would remain closed, denying the access to the person.

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