Ethernet Switches

Ethernet Switch portfolio provides complete coverage, from basic branch office deployments to high-performance wiring closet, data center aggregation, and network core applications. Switches can be deployed individually or in combinations for highly reliable solutions that simplify service delivery and maximize application availability.

  • Deploy these Ethernet Switches for a small or midsize company to power end-user devices throughout the office.
  • Choose from 10-, 24- and 48-port variants, and standalone and stackable options.
  • Pace your growth with our resilient stacking design that supports pay-as-you-grow scaling.

Wireless Network

Hadwise provides a scalable, resilient wireless network with a wide range of indoor and outdoor access points that deliver wired-like performance for a high quality user experience. We deliver wired-like performance and predictability and support application-level visibility and control to help ensure business critical applications come first.

  • Simplify your wireless deployments and administration
  • Make network management affordable and efficient
  • Keep up with demands for optimum performance.
  • Monitor and protect your services.

Network Management

Hadwise Network Management products are integrated tool sets that enable administrators to oversee, configure, and troubleshoot network protocols and devices on a centralized basis. With a comprehensive, unified view of the network, the tools support streamlined workflows, reduced operational costs, and integration with third-party solutions to simplify provisioning and service orchestration.

  • Reduce network set-up time by as much as 70% with built-in wizards.
  • Eliminate errors, enable new services faster, and drive down your operations costs.
  • Set your own pace for transitioning to fully automated Software-Defined Networking (SDN).