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Hadwise Unmanned Railway Crossing System

Hadwise Technologies comes with the revolutionaries Product name "Unmanned Railway Crossing System". Unmanned Railway Crossing System is very useful Product, which helps us to automatically opening and closing the railway gate upon detecting arrival or departure of the train.

  • Unmanned Railway crossing is An Automatic Railway Crossing Gate controller is used to prevent accidents and provide much needed safety.
  • We are concerned of providing an Automatic Railway Crossing Gate control at unmanned level crossings replacing the gates operated by gate keepers and also the semi automatically operated gates.


  • Solar Support.

  • Higher Reliability.

  • Low Power Consumption.

  • Accuracy Is High.


Railway crossing system
Prevention of accidents inside the gate.
Railway crossing system
High and long read range.
Railway crossing system
Battery which is charged by means of a solar cell can be used in remote areas.
Railway crossing system
Accuracy (less than 0.001% missed or erroneous reads.
Railway crossing system
Lower operating cost and No line of sight.
Railway crossing system
Power supply for the motor operation and signal lights is required.



Unmanned Railway crossing system in India Coming Soon... Unmanned Railway crossing system in India